66 Books Of The Bible

Thee 66 Books of the Bible are God Breathed they are full of inspirational books... chapter by chapter,line upon line, here a little there a little. The Bible verses for life... your owners manual If you will.

Everything comes with an owners manual even your life. These books of the Bible are a library to the future of your life!66 Books of the Bible means: A Library of Books.

"Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you."(James 4:8)

Remember when you first got into this "library of books" or the Word and were so excited about the things of God? Remember when you could hardly wait to read the next chapter in the Bible or listen to the latest teaching tape? There was only one word to describe you-- HOT! Your reborn spirit was on fire for God.

When I first heard the message of faith, I was like that. I was so on fire that nothing else in the world interested me. I had learned that I could trust God's Word just like we could trust the word of a close friend, and I was hungry to find out everything He had promised me in His Word.

Back then, it seemed all I did was read God's Word. I read faith books. I listened to tapes. I was dedicated. My total interest was the Word of God.

God's Word says to draw near to Him and He will draw near to you. In order to do that you will have to first drop the things that are stealing your time from reading the Word. Delight yourself in His Word. Become diligent again. If you will give your attention to the things of God, soon your desire for God will increase. Your desire will follow your attention. The more you attend to something, the more your desire is drawn to give attention to that thing.

Start building yourself up in all 66 Books and be praying in the Spirit. Believe and act on everything God says to you in these books. Before long that flicker that's been wavering in your spirit will grow again into an all-consuming FIRE!

66 Books of the Bible. So profound yet so simple

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"Balancing The Books"

"This popular series provides clear and concise insight into the Scriptures from respected authors, many of whom are pastors and Bible teachers. The series presently covers 34 OT and 25 NT books of the Bible and are ideal for personal study, Bible class and sermon preparation and are highly commended."

"Balancing The Books"