Reliable Bible Commentaries

All Bible Commentaries should be considered prayerfully.

For all Scripture has been given by inspiration of God...2Timothy 3:16

Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of Truth. 2Timothy 2:15

And But when He the Spirit of Truth comes, He will not speak on His own, He will speak only what He hears and He will tell you what is yet to come. John 16:13

Always remember this!

Read "The Book" first Not books about "The Book".

Think about that for a moment. (pause and calmly reflect aka Selah)

The Bible was written

• Over a 1500 year span (40 generations). New Testament = 40‐100 AD

• By over 40 authors from every walk of life.

• In three languages (Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek; though mostly Hebrew and Greek).

• Originally on papyrus, parchment or vellum rolls or scrolls. These rolls were made by gluing sheets of papyrustogether. – Luke 4:17

• 66 Books total ‐ 39 Old Testament and 27 New Testament

The Bible was written by prophets and apostles in their own language and style but inspired (God‐breathed) by theHoly Spirit (2 Timothy 3:16). Jesus and the apostles read, knew and taught from the Old Testament (Luke 4:17‐21;Luke 24:32, 45; Acts 1:16, 8:32 etc.). The New Testament writings were recognized by Peter and others at that time tobe of the same authority as the Old Testament Scriptures (2 Peter 3:16).

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When prayerfully reading what the Author of life has to say, who would you rather trust?

An online commentary? Or should I say an online "Bible" commentary?

Always Trust God's Words first with a "Big T" and all others with a "small t".

God taught me this with the help of MATC -aka- Mid America Teen Challenge. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.)MATC helped me create a firm foundation.

In the Church and the World there is a lot of opinions and interpretations about God and His Word.

But only one matters!

Salvation Commentaries
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The Great Exchange

When you received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, He took your name!

Your name was sin. Your name was weakness. Your name was fear and poverty and every other evil thing you inherited from Adam.

Jesus took those names from you and gave you His own in exchange. That's right!

Ephesians 3:15 says that the whole Body of Christ has been named after Him both in heaven and earth. That means you have been given Jesus' Name. Its authority is now yours!

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