by Neomi

Dear Brother,

I would like to give a testimony on what the Lord Jesus Christ has done in my life. I have been working for a MNC for the past 3.5 years now. Initially I was working with this company only on temporary basis and I wanted to become a permanent Employee, because being permanent would give me all the other benefits that other employees enjoy. I prayed to the Lord and after one year I became permanent but my contract was only for one year. I was worried, because this dint give me an assurance that I would be able to continue with the Company or no. I continued praying to the Lord and after the second year got over, they were going to renew my contract. The Company had just made a decision of not employing people on permanent basis, and I prayed all the more.
When I went to sign my contract I was permanent, with an open ended contract.

After some time, our expenses started getting more and I started asking the Lord to help us, Jesus again heard my prayers and I got a promotion after one year.

I want to thank and praise my Jesus, for all the blessings in my life.

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