To Have Conversations With God We Must First Talk About The Level Of Our Faith

Conversations with God? Is this possible?



And Reliable Bible Verses is where to start.

Most believers are happy people.

They understand one thing and that comes by hearing and hearing by the words of God's reliable Bible verses.

The Word became flesh and came to speak to us.

If you have Bible questions you need no man too teach you really... but only to help you understand what He said and receive it,

He will take it from there!

Jesus even asked Peter, "do you love me" Peter said "yes Lord", and Jesus said "feed my sheep".

Most Christians are starving.Most preachers don't know how to feed the flock like Jesus.

His Word is a library of love letters and spiritual nutrition. He is having conversation with us as we read and believe. We will be fed, transformed and happy people by the renewing of our mind. The way we were originally meant to think.

We will be full. A well of living water ready for the thirsty to drink.

We all have conversations. So let our conversations be full of grace seasoned with salt, then our words will be ever so thirst quenching when they line up with His. Other wise do not receive them... I would spit them out!

(Remember faith comes by hearing so be careful. People can be sincere but they can also be sincerely wrong).

Conversations are built upon communication. One speaks one listens, and vice versus.This is how we get to know each other. Without communication no relationship can develop.

The same holds true when developing conversations with God.

You can know Him! You can train yourself to know when He is speaking and when it is not Him speaking. After all what would you rather be guided by?

Believe me when I say His reliable Bible verses saved my life!

They will do the same for you!

Thanks for visiting this conversation...

Stay even closer.
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