Dealing With Depression?

Are you dealing with depression, stress, anxiety, anger,or anything uncomfortable? "Let" this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus.

The keyword here is "LET".

There is a light that came into the world and the clouds of life could not overcome it.

John 1:5

Stress is not of God.

Bottom line! All the above are all connected!

It is primarily related to a lack of faith in God's Reliable Bible Verses.

"Don't you know who you are- you've become one with My Spirit your more than a conqueror- and I'll never leave you alone..."

Dealing with pressure, dealing with anxiety, dealing with fear, dealing with anger, dealing with anything... can all be resolved.

There is a cure.

Most of these issues stem from our natural born personality.

What we learned and heard is that... "this is who we are".

What our piers have taught us, and I'm sure they were sincere,

but they could been sincerely wrong.

Folks... this is not who we are or what we were created to be!

We were created to be stress free and I can prove it.

How To Be Happy

Dealing with depression can be very simple, especially for the believer. It is mostly anger turned inwards at yourself. This is NOT the way we were created to think.

The next time your alarm clock goes off tomorrow morning, don't just wake up to another day. Do what the Word says to do and awake to who you truly are... a child of God! Reawaken yourself to the glorious fact that you've been made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and given right-standing with Almighty God.

Why? Because tomorrow--and every other day of your life on this earth-- The enemy is going to try to convince you that you don't have any right to this thought pattern of God. He's going to try to bring you into bondage again in order to control your thought life. But he won't be able to do it if you'll reawaken yourself every day to who you really are in Jesus.

Here's a prayerful confession to help that revelation come alive in you when dealing with depression:

Father, I confess anew Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior today. Lord, You are the head of my life. I completely yield myself to You. My will is now Your will. My plans are now Your plans. I have the mind of Christ!

And as a new creation in Christ Jesus, I accept the gift of righteousness and all that gift includes: health, prosperity, peace, joy and life abundant. I put aside every weight and the sin that so easily besets me. I now look unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my faith.

According to Your Word, I can now reign in this life as a king. The power of sin and death in my life has been overcome. No longer am I ruled by the forces of evil but by the God above all gods. I am more than a conqueror through Him who loves me.

I determine today to walk conscious of my right-standing with You, Lord, and with every step to draw closer and closer to You. Thank You for the gift of righteousness. Because of that gift, I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.

In Jesus' Name. Amen!

So if your dealing with depression...pray, believe and think on these things ...always.

Scripture Study: Colossians 2:9-15

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