Hell on Church Street "The Chuck Dudrey Story"

by Charles Dudrey
(Hoquiam,wa 98520 usa)

Charles Dudrey was born in Minnesota. At age 8 he was nearly beat to death by his own father sending him to the hospital barley clinging to life with severe head trauma, the outlook for his future looked grim. In 1961 his mother was murdered in the family home, shot to death with his fathers hand gun. Then moving to Georgetown, Illinois Charles was exposed to crime by his father while at the same time suffering the most horrific abuse and neglect. In 1968 he was placed in the county Home and later Foster homes. In 1975 Charles was sent to prison for a string of safe jobs, after his release he continued the life of crime, assaulting people for hire and extortion. For the next several years he worked as a Bounty Hunter, money courier and in strong arm collections.

In 1990 Charles while running from the law and assuming another name asked Jesus into his life, and shortly there after married his wife. Charles and Diana have three children and eight grandchildren. In June of 2010 Charles was featured on the CBN 700 Club. Charles and Diana are active in the local Church serving as small group leaders, ushers and cooks for youth camps. Charles has published his Autobiography Hell on Church Street.

700 Club Testimony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0mhZL3KXvE

Web Page: http://hellonchurchstreet.blogspot.com/

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