NIV Bible Verses Are Still Gods Words

The NIV Bible Verses have had a bad rap by some folks but they are still Gods Words and can be received when read in context with your favorite translation.

Dear Reliable Bible Verses Believer,

The more you fellowship with God around His Words, the more you'll know the "power out-flowing from His Bible verses."

You'll develop joy. You'll develop faith... just by fellow-shipping with Him and not arguing about which translation of the Bible verses is correct, then you'll begin to understand who you really are in Jesus.

His Bible verses is where it begins so search the Bible verses daily.Keep a Bible reference at hand.I started with the NIV Bible verses at first and found if they didn't line up I would have other versions close by.

Suddenly God spoke to my spirit and said, "Read that again and this time don't be concerned about the translation but picture yourself as though you were there"

"That's just what's wrong with the Body of Christ," He told me. "That's the reason the world doesn't know anything about Jesus. You identify with everyone and their opinions except His. They argue about translations and no one is reached! Huh?

So, I picture myself in the role of the one with the anointing of the Holy Ghost. Instead of arguing I listen freely giving what God had given me. After all, the Bible does say, "Clothe yourself with the Lord Jesus Christ." Would if you never had a Bible or you were physically blind would it matter.

The NIV Bible has had a bad wrap because it doesn't matter when Hebrews 13 says it's been written on the hearts of mankind anyway. We were in the heart and mind of God even before we were conceived in the womb of our Mothers-- Psalms 139

Come on, give the Lord and yourself a break . Fellowship with your Father around the Word-- NIV, KJV, NASB, or whatever and start discovering who you really are today. When you really want to know... it won't really matter what translation your reading- NIV Bible verses or whichever.