The Romans Road

The Romans road is a road less traveled for most reliable Bible verse believers...

For it is a road of faith, grace and complete understanding for your life... and the way God see's you and your progression.

(Romans 4:13-25)(Romans 3-8)

Do you ever have trouble believing the Word of God? Not just agreeing with it mentally, but really believing that what it says will work for you?

I have. There are times when the Bible promises in the Word stagger my mind. There have been times when I've felt while traveling my own Romans Road I was so defeated in my mind and the circumstances around me looked so bad that it was tough for me to believe... me an utmost Bible seeker..., I knew I was "more than a conqueror" I knew God said I was... even "the online" Bible verses says so!!!

But what do you do when your mind staggers like that at the promise of God?

You meditate on that promise.

Scriptural meditation simply means thinking about and reflecting on the Word of God. It means pondering a particular scripture and mentally applying it to your own circumstances again and again until that scripture permanently marks your consciousness.

That kind of meditation can affect your life in a way that almost nothing else can. It can, quite literally, alter your mind. That's what happened to Abram.

When God first told him that he was going to father a nation, he was an old man. His wife, Sara, was also old. What's more, she had been barren all her life. How could an aging, childless couple have even one child--much less a nation full of them? Abram couldn't even imagine such a thing. It contradicted his entire mind-set.

But God knew the mental struggle Abram would have, so He didn't just make him a verbal promise and leave it at that. He gave Abram a picture of that promise to meditate on. He took him out into the starry night, turned his eyes to the sky and said, "So shall thy seed be."

Can't you just see Abram staring out at the stars, trying to count them? Filling the eyes of his heart with the promise of God?

That's what meditation is all about. Taking time to envision the promise of God until it becomes a reality inside you. That's why I will never forget the Romans Road of my life. It's tremendously powerful, and by focusing on the scriptural promises God has given you in your travel, you can put it to work in your life just as Abram put it to work in his.

Don't just read the Word... meditate and "travel" through it today.

Scripture Study: Romans 4:13-25

Romans Road via MATC