The Shack Is An Awesome Book

The Shack. By Wm. Paul Young, is a book my wife recently purchased. It has inspired many and is a life application with spiritual reference.

What's awesome about this is how she found out about it. You will be blessed when you read this book. I just want to let you know that this book is fiction, however it has a "lot" of Biblical life applications. I can not express how much we should all look at life this way. I love this book because, we all have trial and tribulations in life. Some big and some small. After reading this book I believe that we need to analyze how big our problems are.

In this book the main character had a "huge" problem! And their are some people that have had a similar situation. God bless their heart's. I truly mean that. I believe this book can help how we should analyze our problems. We live are life not knowing who to trust, and think we can do it by ourselves. I really encourage you to read this book. If I start to explain the book I will give it all away. All I can say that if you don't even know God you will want to.

Still remember some of this book is fiction but most of it is scripture in a nut shell!!!

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The Shack